SOMEC vintage Italian road bike

Trek 6500 SL 21"

red lounge

I found this as a frame in the 1980's in a kid's basement. Neither him or his parents really knew what it was. But being just a frame, it was worthless to them because the kid needed a whole bike. 

At the time it was painted yellow and the paint was coming off.

But it was a beautiful aero frame made from Columbus SL tubing.











So at some point I took it to a powder coating place, where they gave me the choice of black or white.

I chose grey.

It didn't matter, the paint started to flake off anyway. 


And after a few years I started to realize a couple of things:


-I didn't like the constant flats and delicate virtues of skinny tires. This is NYC, where potholes are as legendary as mutant rats.

-Riding with drop racing bars is impractical, painful and dangerous. I spent too much time with my head down. 


As you can see, I went with touring bars, but moderately bigger tires won't clear it. It's too tight. 


So I went back to it's racing pedigree and sold it to a good friend in May 2016.