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Aluminum Mongoose

One day several years ago I walked into a K-Mart and saw this little challenge of a bike. An aluminum frame, but overloaded with heavy steel parts.
It's been an ongoing project ever since. 
I've done the same thing with several cruisers I've bought in Walmarts.  These bikes are deceptively light once you shed the steel parts and replace them with alloy equivalents. 
This one has gone through several changes and I documented them for a change.
Don't be fooled, I've ridden this bike hundreds of miles. To Long Island and back.
More photos....
It's original condition
original heavy details
The old steel crank
Old rear drivetrain
the heavy steel handlebars and stem
The heavy steel seatpost
the old steel bottom bracket
new Titanium bottom bracket
Bottom bracket install
old stem weight
the steel cranks
Campy crank replacement
Campy cranks installed
the old steel fork
New Kineseis Alloy fork
Alloy fork weight
Headset press tool
New alloy headset
Will the new fork fit?
Pressing in the new headset
New fork install
No clearance for old fenders
Decided to go with Topline cranks
Old incarnation with riser bars
New Wolber rims
fork and headset
always need mirror
Topline cranks
front derailler upgrade
trying alloy handlebar basket
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